1904 War Orphans Fund (1):


1913 Romanov Dynasty (2) Tercentenary:


1914 War Charity set:




(1) Surcharge was meant for orphans of casualties in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905).

(2) The House of Romanov or Romanese was the second and last imperial dynasty of Russia, which ruled the country for five generations from 1613 to 1761. From 1761 to 1917, Russia was ruled by a line of the House of Oldenburg descended from the marriage of a Romanov grand duchess to the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. This line was officially also called Romanov, although genealogists sometimes style it, more accurately, Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov. Six crowned representatives of the Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov line include: Paul (1796-1801), Alexander I (1801-1826), Nicholas I (1826-56), Alexander II (1856-81), Alexander III (1881-94), and Nicholas II (1894-1917), last Emperor of Russia. February Revolution of 1917 dethroned Nicholas II and on July 17, 1918, Bolshevik authorities shot him and his immediate family.