1 - Michel no. 1 (issued in 1850)
2 - Michel no. 6 (1851)
3 - Michel no. 12 (1852)
4 - Michel no. 17 (1853)
depicting Isabella II of Spain (1)





(1) Isabella II (1830 –1904), Isabel II in Spanish, was Queen regnant of Spain ("Queen of the Spains" officially from 1836).
Isabella was born in Madrid, in 1830 and was the eldest daughter of Ferdinand VII, king of Spain, and of his fourth wife, Maria Christina. At the age of three years, she was proclaimed queen on the death of the king. The brother of Ferdinand, Carlos, the first pretender, fought seven years, during the minority of Isabella, to dispute her title. Supporters of Carlos and his descendants were known as Carlists and the dispute over the succession was the subject of a number of Carlist Wars in the 19th century.
Her authoritarianism, her religious fanaticism, her alliance with the military and the chaos of her reign - sixty different governments - helped bring about the Revolution of 1868 that exiled her to Paris. She abdicated in 1870 in favor of her son, Alfonso XII, who ruled beginning in 1874. Even though Isabella eventually returned to Spain, she never again exerted much political power or influence.