1: Second Kosice Issue: Czechoslovak– Soviet Friendship
2: Bratislava Definitives: Coat of Arms
3: Prague Definitives: Lime Branch (with fruits)
4: Prague Definitives: Lime Branch (with flowers)
5,6: T. G. Masaryk
7-14: War Heroes


1-5: Uprising in Slovakia First Anniversary
6: World Student Congress
7: J. Kozina Execution (1) 250th Anniversary
8,9: Newspaper stamps



Miniature Sheet no. 6: The Return of Czechoslovakian President E. Benes From Exile:


Miniature Sheet no. 7: Uprising in Slovakia First Anniversary (2):




(1) Jan Sladky Kozina (1652-1695) was the leader of the Chods.
The Chod people are a Czech ethnic group inhabiting a large area along the West-Bohemian – Bavarian border. For guarding land borders, the Chod people from the city of Domazlice and its vicinity were awarded numerous privileges by Bohemian rulers, thus they possessed a special position within the feudal social system. They were free, subordinate to the king only. When their privileges were threatened they started a rebellion under the leadership of Kozina. Their futile attempt ended with the execution of Kozina in 1695 in Plzen. His carcass was left hanging on the gallows for more than a year.

(2) On 29 August 1944 the Slovak National Uprising (SNP) officially began when Slovak Defense Minister announced on state radio that Germany had occupied Slovakia. The rebel Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia, formed to fight the Nazis, had an estimated 18,000 soldiers, a total which first increased to 47,000 after mobilization on 9 September 1944, and later to 60,000, plus 20,000 partisans. The Slovaks were aided in the uprising by soldiers and partisans from the Soviet Union, France, the (current) Czech Republic and Poland. In total, 32 nations were involved in the SNP.
Surtax was used for helping widows and orphans of fallen freedom fighters. Pay attention to exceptional dimensions (148:210 mm) and design of the sheet for the period in which it was issued.