Carpatho-Ukraine is easternmost province of pre-Munich Czechoslovakia. In 1938, the Czechoslovakian Government promised Carpatho-Ukraine autonomy. But in January 1939 (based upon the Slovakian precedence of breaking away from the Czechs and declaring themselves independent), Carpatho-Ukraine through its representative body - Ukrainian Central Council, declared itself autonomous.

In 1939, the Czech Government prepared a special stamp for the first constitutional meeting of the Carpatho-Ukrainian Parliament. The design was based upon a previous Czech stamp highlighting the old wooden church in Yasyn. The new 3 kronen stamp was printed in a blue colour. The stamp is inscribed on top with the wording "Carpatho-Ukraine" and on the bottom "First Assembly, 2. 3. 1939". This stamp was put into ciculation in town of Chust on the first day of Parliament - March 15th, 1939:


However, independence was very short. In a month's time, Hungarian troops occupied the entire territory. The Hungarian administration lasted until 1944. Hungarian stamps and postmarks were used during this time period. With the Axis withdrawal in 1944, the area became independent for a brief time, reverting to Hungary in 1945. In 1949, it was annexed by the Soviet Union.