Orval is a monastery in Belgium. The first monks to settle in Orval arrived from the south of Italy in 1070. Count Arnould de Chiny, lord of the manor, welcomed them and granted them land from his own domain. Construction was immediately begun of the church and conventual buildings.

The abbey survived many wars and disasters but was always active. In 1789 the French Revolution broke out and all the possessions of Orval across the border were immediately confiscated. In June 1793, the revolutionary troops sacked and burned the monastery. Everything was wiped out. The community withdrew to its refuge in Luxembourg.

The reconstruction of the monastery started in 1926 on the ruins of the original abbey. This reconstruction was partially funded by commemorative postage stamps issued by the Belgian government. The stamp issuance did not raise enough funds to totally finance construction of the new abbey. A brewery was established in 1931 to raise additional funds. Today, the abbey produces beer, bread, cheese, and honeyed sweets for sale. The rebuilding of the monastery was completed in 1948.

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